Would you kindly help a freshman in need of some gadget advice?

BioShock is awesome. :D

Anyway hey guys I am a (college) freshman and I want to refresh my gadget inventory!!

But the problem is that some devices I want overlap in function! So I need some advice! Which of the following should I buy?

  • the next Nexus phone (GNex II?)
  • Nexus 7
  • light portable laptop (MacBook Air?) to carry to classes
  • huge monitor + the best spec-ed Windows computer that money can buy, for games of course (Skyrim here I come!!!) :D

I know I'll have to buy the GNex because I need a phone, but I'm not so sure about the Nex7 because it's so similar to the GNex, but I want it because people say it is very good...and the laptop overlaps with the desktop as well...indeed I am very confused!!

I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks!!