iOS6...what do you like about it so far?

Yes, I know the Maps app is thus far a work in progress. And you might not like the VIP folder in Mail. And yes, my iPad's homescreen wasn't given a facelift. Skeumorphism is still there.

But what have you liked so far about iOS 6? Is your device still as snappy as the day you bought it? If you have experience with productivity apps like Pages, Numbers, please chime in. I'm interested in hearing your experience not that iCloud is in place. I'm considering taking the plunge.

I haven't much time to try some of the new features with my Mac (e.g. iCloud tabs in Safari). Here's a few things I like so far

- updated iTunes: I'm so glad they cleaned this up. It feels lighter and I appreciate the way things are presented now. I'm also glad there's a dedicated podcast app.

- Clock app: pretty cool. Never really noticed what was offered before this.

- VIP: I find this to be pretty useful since there are a few people who I communicate with regularly.

- Siri: I've set a few appointments and asked a few questions. Not bad, it was able to recognize what I was asking most of the time. Names seem to be an issue, but then again that's an issue with my SGS2 as well.

- 3D maps. This might be a gimmick or just eye candy but it is nice. I took a short tour of downtown LA and I was impressed.

Any other tips and tricks would be welcomed, although I'm sure those posts will start poppin up soon. Thanks!