Should Nokia be worried?

This started as a post in another thread but I thought it deserved a post. I've been hearing quite a few people expressing their resentment that MSFT has be come so "Buddy, Buddy" with HTC all of a sudden, as though they are whoring around and that Nokia should be mad at MSFT. Here's what I believe.

I’d be mad too if I was Nokia but not at MSFT, I’d be mad at HTC Swagger Jacking the Lumia’s style. Then I’d be mad at Myself for not coming up with such a great name as Windows Phone 8X/S. Of course MSFT has to embrace HTC they are finally betting big on Windows Phone and that’s good for everyone in the ecosystem (including Nokia)
At the end of the day, isn’t this what we’ve wanted all along as WP Fans. We finally have great options to choose from (Ativ, Lumia, 8X).

All that being said even though the 8X is enticing, I’m still going with the Ferrari Red Lumia 920 because of the PureView tech and the exclusive apps.

Also I think MSFT has no choice but to embrace all their OEM’s or else why would they even make WP devices if they new only Nokia would get any love. Just think;

Nokia – Premier Windows Phones

HTC – Signature Windows Phones

Samsung – Definitive Windows Phones