Apple! Where is my updated Google Search app?!

One thing that keeps me from respecting Apple is their attitude regarding competitors apps. Apple consistently holds back app approvals or pulls an app without a reasonable explanation. In this case, Apple still hasn't approved the updated Google Search app that was submitted to them on August 1, 2012. Check out this for some back story, wtf apple. They can't claim to be a platform with a great app ecosystem and wonderful for developers when they constantly hold back great apps. I know these two companies have an interesting history, however, this behavior is just straight bullsh@t. We all know they want to push siri, but siri isn't that great to be honest. Google has been doing voice search for years and just enhanced it in this version, a great enhancement that my iPad 2 is missing.

What are your thoughts, is this a big deal to you? I think this is a huge issue in general with Apple and with all "App stores". I sent a tip to the the verge and a few other sites, I hope this gets more exposure.