How would Steve Jobs have reacted to the iPhone 5 launch?

Obviously no one knows how Steve Jobs would have truly felt about the iPhone 5 launch, but how do you think he would have responded? After the iPad launch, he was stunned and depressed by all of the negative feedback from press. He was eventually proven right when the iPad went on to sell millions and create a whole new catagory of tablets.

In my opinion, he would have been equally, or even more pissed about the iPhone 5 launch. Nevermind the fact that every single spec as well as photos and mockups took all of the wind out of Apple's sales. The press dismissed the iPhone 5 as "boring" and "itterative." This was pretty much the consensus.

Now, Apple is going to have record sales with the iPhone 5, we all know this. But to Steve Jobs, every product released was like his baby. He took their launches very presonally, and his mood swung with the highs and lows of the public's reaction.

I can't help feel like his passion was a necessary gate keeper that regulated the products Apple ultimatly released. Does Tim Cook take things as personally as Steve Jobs did? Because record sales or not, the iPhone 5 launch was very reminiscent of the original iPad's thud.