Facebook has just rolled out what it's calling the Shared Activity plugin, a tool that will permit users to control privacy settings directly from within all Facebook-connected web apps. "People can set the default Facebook audience for activity shared from your app, or manage the settings for stories previously published to Facebook, including selecting an audience or removing it altogether," writes Andrew Chen on the company's developer blog. He cites Airbnb as a popular example, but the plugin can be applied to virtually any site that takes advantage of Facebook's Open Graph, Like button, or comment system.

Shared Activity joins the existing trio of privacy resources available to Facebook's massive community; similar options can be found within App Settings, directly on your timeline, and through Activity Log. Privacy has become a paramount issue for the social network, so it's nice to see Facebook making new strides to provide more granular and easily accessible control to its users. We expect most developers to embrace the added feature quickly.