Help me pick!

So here's where I am:

I'm currently taking a photography class since I'm still in undergrad, and I've been shooting with my friend's D3000. It's a nice camera, but I'd love to get my own at some point, so I've started looking around, and this is where I've kinda settled.

D5100 vs Nex-5N

The D5100 is obviously more standard, more lenses, etc,

The Nex-5N is very portable, more discreet, and better video options (1080/60p....can't beat that) and frankly I think it's a little cooler to have a camera not that many people have

The Nex-5N is also significantly cheaper ($498 w/ kit lens) vs the D5100 ($646 w/ kit lens) so I could put some extra money into accessories (lenes/EVF/external mics)

What do you all think?