A sure fire way for Windows Phone to crush iOS and Android this holiday season.


From what we've been allowed to see, Windows Phone 8 is a gorgeous mobile O.S. Nokia and HTC (and to a lesser extent Samsung) are going to have really sexy handsets out that are going to make the iPhone look like the piece of crap that it is. But lets be honest with ourselves. The momentum and the press bias is going to keep pushing iOS up the top of the mountain with Apple barely having to do a thing. Nokia and HTC have made some really good looking, unique, Brilliant, break-away design as opposed to Apples slightly elongated slab in your choice of black or white. But being unique, and beautiful simply aren't enough.


So how does windows phone win? When Windows 8 and Windows Phone launch in late October, Microsoft needs to start running ads' that say the following words: Buy a Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8X and get a Microsoft Surface 32 GB for FREE.


And while their at it say the following words: Buy a Nokia Lumia 820 or a HTC 8S and get an Xbox 360 with Kinect starter for FREE.


Your probably thinking to yourself this is the dumbest idea in the history of tech right behind HP buying Palm. Actually no! Giving away the low end Surface would help boost Windows Phone & surface market share. The more surfaces out in the wild will make people want to buy them & Microsoft would make that money back with their take from app purchases. Microsoft sold the Xbox & Xbox 360 at a loss for years.

Giving away the low end surface would be a good thing. Its a value add to windows phone which would make people buy it over an iPhone or android & with a greater market share for both, app developers would be drawn to making more apps for both windows 8 RT & windows phone.

So what do you think.