Comment feature request - order discussion by quality

When an article goes up the initial comments are sometimes shallow, trolling or simply incorrect. These posts can generate a lot of replies and arguments that don't necessarily relate to the article while smart and interesting points/counterpoints are often buried under a large number of comments.

This is a problem as I assume the Verge want to have the best, most insightful comments as the most prominent. I know I as a reader do. We have threaded discussions, we (or an editor) should be able to recommend threads which get promoted to the top of the comments section so that the first comment you see are the most informative. It might be confusing at first but I think it will lead to better quality comments. The cult of FIRST! would have to produce the best post. At the very least can we have collapsable comments to easy get past what we each consider meaningless or superfluous.

Obviously the live updating comments present a slight problem but you could re-order the threads only on the loading of the comments.

Please make this happen because as the site grows the more the comments section resembles Engadget although I don't think it will ever get as bad as that was at it peak of hate.