Do you think apple notebook designs are the best in the world?

I know people choose notebooks for all sorts of reasons ranging from performance to OS to just plain price and looks, but let's just focus on looks and designs for a moment.

Do you think apple notebooks in general are the nicest "looking" machines out there?

I ask because companies like HP seem to be trying to ape their design cues quite a bit recently. I have the envy 15 from hp and I like it (in spite of the screen color issue), but the styling was not the strongest point for me. I actually DON'T like that they made the look of the notebook look so much like a mac when opened. And frankly, I don't think the current macbooks are the "pinnacle" of design, but maybe I am alone.


I thought this special edition envy 14 looked better than the 13" macbook pro





and btw, the styling of the razer notebook looks better too imo



Now, is the giant red B on the top of that beats edition envy 14 and that weird color screen on the side of the razer notebook ridiculous? of course, but the basic aesthetics look MORE pleasing than the standard macbooks to my eyes not less.

I can make a similar case for all in ones, the recent spectre one is insane in how similar it looks to an imac, right down to the magic trackpad clone.





... It's almost like HP is saying eff it, the mac aesthetics are the best out there so we may as well get on board as close as we can without getting sued...

But do they even need to ? Is the imac design the pinnacle? Who really thinks that?

I like the basic aesthetics of one of the sonys more than that.



Maybe the outlier for me is that I find black to be more aesthetically pleasing than a pasty light colored metal. Maybe most people disagree with me there, maybe most people thing apples specific choice of color for their notebooks and all in ones = the best possible choice. IF that's the case, I need to just do what Mugatu said he felt he was doing, and take crazy pills.