New phone dilemna

Hey guys,

So my contract is expiring and I'm due for a new phone on Oct 1st, which puts me in a rather precarious position. I'm currently on Android, and really like what I've seen from Jelly Bean and am hopeful moving forward into Key Lime Pie, etc. The Nexus at $99 is super enticing, but with the rumored announcement of new Nexus devices in the fall, im curious if I should wait or just go for the Nexus 2 or whatever it ends up being.

Basically, I just want to get a phone that will get major Andorid updates for the better part of the next two years. If the Nexus that's currently out would get those, great! I don't do anything super hardware intensive so I don't need the Note II or anything like that.

I just don't want to get burnt like last time with the Evo 4G I currently have.