This is My Next: Thinkpad Tablet II

Sure, it may not be the most powerful Windows 8 tablet there is, but I have a huge desktop I built at home for that. All I ask is that it can run Photoshop for some light usage (basic retouching and comedy photoshops, mainly).

Wacom digitizer?


(oh my god wash your hands tech journalists)


I was having doubts about this tablet having a Wacom digitizer, but this image (the only one that exists of this side of the pen, apparently) seems to confirm it. Why? The button. I'm about 90% sure Wacom owns the patent related to that, and also to having a digitizer pen that doesn't need a battery. (PS: Wacom owns the patents to 99% of the good graphic tablet technology, don't settle for off-brand!) So this will be like a Cintiq!



Full Windows Experience

We all have those little apps that we like to use that probably won't get ported to Metro Modern Windows 8 Windows Store Style. I'd love to take those apps with me on the go, and this pretty much makes them super portable. Less than 10mm thick, and barely over a pound (My previous laptop, a MSI GT725, came in at nearly 7 and a half pounds -- hardly portable), this would be easy to throw in my bag and to use on the train. Especially handy since it also can come with 3G/4G LTE!

If I really needed a ton of power, I'd wait 3 months for the Surface Pro, but looking through what I actually use my computer for (that isn't Adobe CS6, I've got my desktop for that), I don't think it's worth the wait. Especially since it's pretty much 100% known that its digitizer isn't a Wacom (the keynote mentioned a wireless charging slot for it on the Surface itself). I'd sure love that Touch Keyboard, but again, I don't want to wait 3 months.

So tell me -- What Windows 8 tablets are you excited about? Why that tablet in particular? (I'm not averse to changing my mind here)