HTC Zenith Name

So, in the One series by HTC, the flagship, high end phone for android was the One X. However, for HTC's windows phone plans have been rumored to include a third device, the HTC Zenith. Previously, it was thought that the Zenith would be the 8X, the Accord the 8S and the RIO the 8V. that initial thought has obviously turned out to be incorrect.

This begs the question: What will HTC name the Zenith if or when it comes out?

Personally, I would love it if they continued the Titan branding and ran it as the Titan III. I really like the Titan name, and I could understand why it wasn't feasible for three phones, but I did think it rolled better off the tongue than "8X". It's a name that portrays grandness, epicness, largeness, and with killer specs it could go toe to toe with the huge screened SIII/ATIV S.

ANother possibility could be that the Zenith is a 5' phablet, but those don't match the rumors and I don't think WP* has stylus support.

What do you think? What monikers might HTC use for the Zenith? What names would you love to see, but know they won't happen? And finally, do you think there will be a Zenith at all?