A review of iOS 6 is not a review of revolution, but of refinement. iOS has been the gold standard for smartphones and tablets since the day it was first introduced, and Apple's resisted the urge to make any radical changes, instead slowly polishing it with each successive version. That means iOS 6 is recognizably the same basic operating system that shipped on the original iPhone in 2007, while its biggest competitor, Android, looks completely different from what Google started with in 2008.

That rigorous consistency has led some to feel that iOS has become a little too familiar, but through the years the iterative updates on top of a rock-solid base have led to a platform that's second to none as a balance of features, usability, and capability.

iOS updates in the past have almost always come with headline new features, but iOS 6 is a bit of an exception: Apple says that it has added over 200 new features to iOS 6, but only the new mapping system comes close to altering the experience in the same way that apps, multitasking, or Siri did. Has Apple maintained its lead over the rest of the smartphone pack when it comes to features and elegance, or is it too busy polishing when it should be pushing ahead? Read on for the full review.