Microsoft screwed over Nokia

Microsoft just went behind the back of Nokia and became best friends with HTC. You heard the quotes this is the "signature windows phone". This is the first phone to truly realize windows phones potential. Thats all BS and anyone that follows windows phone knows it. Nokia has made some great phones, advertised more than microsoft and has gotten more apps on the platform than anyone else. Also imagine microsofts mapping capabilities if Nokia didnt give them theirs. Theyd be in the same boat as Apple, but they just took the maps and ran off with HTC. Now I hear they will be putting a marketing campaign for the 8x. Thats also BS. Nokia doesnt make Android phones because Microsofts key partner is suppose to be Nokia. No one else. Well there goes that, now we got HTC and if Nokia goes under (possibly because Microsoft double crossed them) you can say goodbye to the maps for all windows phones.