Nexus 7 Users: Is 8gb enough storage?

Hey there Verge readers,

I'm a college student on a very very veeeeery tight budget (private school tuition is outrageous!). I'm considering buying a Nexus 7 as an alternative to carrying my relatively heavy laptop around everywhere, however I'm torn as to which model I should buy: the 8GB or 16GB version. Even though most of my media and files will be in the cloud, under normal circumstances I'd go with the 16gig just to be on the safe side. However, as a broke college student, the extra cost is a pretty significant deterrent.

My Android phone (Samsung Captivate running Jelly Bean) has 16GBs of space, but I've never gotten remotely close to filling it.

Thus my question to Nexus 7 owners is whether or not they feel that 8 gigs is enough space or should I go ahead and save up for the 16GB version? Even if you went ahead and bought the 16GB version, after owning it for some time now do you feel that 8 gigs would have sufficed?

Thanks in advance for your response!