Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (Galaxy Nexus or...?)

A little background info: I've owned an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 from 2008-2012. I decided to take the dive into Android, in April of this year, purchased the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and haven't looked back since. Though Android OS is far superior to iOS, the iPhone 5's hardware is pretty damn nice & it's specs aren't too shabby either. It might sound weird that I randomly brought that up but I'm getting there...

Anyways, I sold my SGS2 a few days ago and was planning on purchasing the Galaxy Nexus. Even after rooting and playing around with my SGS2, there were a few things that annoyed me about it (plasticy feel, unstable custom roms, no CRT-Off Animation, no LED Notification) and I decided to make the leap to a Nexus device. Though my software & LED Notification "problems" (yes, I know I nitpick) would be resolved, I still can't get past that plasticy Samsung feel. Due to this I've been looking into some other options: purchasing the Sony Xperia S/SL or waiting to see if a new Nexus device (Sony, LG, Samsung) is going to appear.

The Sony Xperia S/SL option is fine by me hardware/specs-wise. I'm actually quite fond of the look and the outdated specs don't bother me too much. I've never actually held one or seen one so I couldn't tell you about the feel. It has an LED Notification light, which is something I'm looking for, and the screen size/display doesn't bother me. However, it sucks that the battery is embedded... almost a deal breaker for me because I fear battery life would be an issue (I needed an extra battery for my SGS2 to get me through the day). Software-wise, I don't want to fall into the same predicament that I was in with my SGS2. I heard the Xperia S got AOSP support though... not sure if a vanilla Android experience is coming anytime soon.

On the flip-side, I could wait for a new Nexus device... Maybe purchase the Galaxy Nexus now and wait for an upcoming phone? I'm putting my faith into the future of Android hardware... please release a beautiful looking, feeling Nexus phone! Something with the aesthetics of an iPhone and the software of a Nexus. Xperia Nexus anyone?!

I'd just like input and maybe some other options? It's my first post on The Verge so sorry if I sound like a n00b.