Any artists here? Need help with BF3 platoon logo design!


Hello there fellow Polynauts!

Here is the deal, to make it rather short. I've been in this *censored* BF3 platoon for some time now, but lately realised that it's simply not what I want. It doesn't have proper chain of command, administration is often lazy, and nothing is happening although we got multiple servers and tons of members. There are no tournaments, no training, nothing. Just a community of friends.

One administrator in it didn't like it either. Turns out he's been working on an idea of a new platoon, one with proper chain of command, set of rules, everything like clockwork. I liked the idea and want to help him do that.

Right now, what we need is a logo/banners design for the platoon page on battlelog and platoon's website. It's called "Orijin", the theme should be something military, the platoon uses it as an idea - be closer to military design.

I know that there are some people here who know how to draw/create pictures, so if any of you got time/will, I'd really appreciate any help at all. We really need a logo right now.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope somebody will have time to help out! :)