Scratching and Scuffing on the iPhone 5

Anyone having the same issues? Did anyone else have tiny scuffs? I've got one on the bottom left chamfer and one near the front facing camera. I'm torn between returning it and just keeping it... I plan on using it caseless so I'll probably end up with these scuffs soon anyway. lol. Thoughts? If my phone has scuffs out of the box, I'd be taking it back to the Apple store for a replacement. I know I'll get those marks after a week or two of use and that I am fine with. But when I've paid $$$$ for a new phone, I expect it to be in pristine condition. Its the principle of it, nothing more. A word of WARNING to BLACK iPhone 5 owners. The sides (where it's metal on the iPhone 4) marks extremely easily. I put my case on and took it off (very very carefully, just with my fingers) and already recieved 3 "chip type" marks around the edge. To me the sides seem like very soft metal? Not sure what its made of but just be very cautious, I wouldn't even dream of having the phone without a case IMHO. The black one scratches easy. Can already see a tiny bit of silver aluminium around my dock connector. Heres a quick picture Fdxrcfbommolycy2_medium


Given that these are from Australia and only a few hours old Is this happening in other parts of the world?