The iPhone 5's best feature! (they've got the power...)

Not rocket science. Just wanted to point out the iPhone 5s battery life is a feature that's sadly being missed amongst all the kerfuffle.

iPhone has always had class-leading battery life (one reason they waited for LTE), but I'm incredibly impressed it can get close to the RAZR MAXX. Even more so given its a 1440mAh battery. To get that battery life whilst running a double-quick processor (albeit with a process shrink) and LTE is highly impressive.

A few other thoughts:

  • People don't normally think about battery life as much, but I rate it as a critical factor in my handset decision. In particular for enterprise buyers I think this is a big issue (particularly given the non-swappable battery) as they move to BYOD. If you are in the middle of a day-long marketing trip in Frankfurt the last thing you need is for your iPhone to die and take your Good Technology work email down with it.
  • The longer battery life shows one tangible example of the advantage of tightly integrated software/hardware design (and a limited number of SKUs to deal with). I originally bought my Atrix partly because of the huge 1880mAh battery, but it wasn't until I got round to slapping some properly optimised CM7-based ROMs on it that I fully appreciated how awesome that unit was... with the proper optimisation. With iPhone 5 you get that out of the box.
  • If only someone could jailbreak it and add the ability to switch it to 2G, then the battery life would be monstrous. Note Apple are unlikely to ever give you that option yourself, because operators hate it. 3G is roughly 10x more efficient for data on 2G (at least on GSM - think circuit switched vs packet switched data), so the the telcos REALLY want you to get you off their inefficient 2G infrastructure!

Something like that makes more of difference to me than a digital concierge or a dodgy map.