Docomo sales-rep tricks iPhone customer into buying the Galaxy SIII; man's son mauls him with ice cream popsicles

This is hilarious.

"This is not the iPhone 5" Son who beat up dad, arrested.

On the 21st in Setagaya city, a 22 y.o man was arrested on allegations that he struck his father down with a blunt intrument. The father, whose bleeding head needed 6 stitches, is expected to recover completely from the relatively minor injury in a week. Further investigation revealed that on the night of the 20th, suspect had requested his father (49 y.o) to get him Apple's latest smartphone "iPhone 5" that was launching on 21st, the next day.

Securing a leave of absence from work for the day of the launch, the father begins his wait at the local store at 1 p.m that night, with the official opening scheduled for 8 a.m the following morning. However, the next morning the father returns home with a smartphone that was not the iPhone, sending the man into fits of rage. After grabbing gari-gari kun (corn potage flavor ice cream) from the breakfast table and beating his father with it till it broke, he continued his relentess assault with an azuki bar. His mother who ran in after hearing the father's screams couldn't stop the assault. Two Setagaya members present on the scene were also apprehended. The father sustained minor head injury from the azuki bar attack which required 6 stitches. He is expected to recover in a week's time.

The testimony filed by the Setagaya officials read, "The son, after asking dad for an iPhone 5, got uneasy when he heard that dad came back from making a purchase at the Docomo shop and flew into blinding rage when he discovered it was indeed a Samsung Galaxy SIII as he had feared, and ended up beating his dad. The dad was later found in a pool of his own blood holding the blood-stained azuki bar in his hands, without recollection of what happened during the assault."

The injured father said, "After leaving home at 1 p.m and finding that the SoftBank store already had a huge line in front of it, I headed for the Docomo store. When I asked the sales-rep for an iPhone, I was handed this device."

Setagaya city have cautioned customers against falling prey to the baseless rumors that Docomo is selling the iPhone and further requested that they not become easy stories for the newspapers.

Original article here (Japanese text); was trending in Hokkaido earlier today. Btw, though I'm pretty good with Japanese I'm not a native speaker; so if you're a native speaker and have a better translation, let me know and I'll edit it in. Also, here are the "blunt instruments" used in the attack; gari-gari kun on the left and azuki bar (red bean flavored popsicle) on the right...

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