Decaying/ Depreciating Ratings: Verge's Law

Shouldn't the ratings have some kind of natural depreciation or decay?

Looking at this comparison at the end of the iPhone 5 review I was struck at the continued high ranking of the Galaxy Nexus.

Holding aside whether or not one agrees with the original 8.7, it doesn't hold up over time. Is the GNex camera really a 7 vs the iPhone 8? Or was the GNex camera an 7 when it came out 9 months ago? Are the screens really both 9's???

Is it not safe to say this phone is nearing End of Life (assuming 1 year refresh cycles)? Does the high score not imply that it is still a slightly better buy right now compared to the S3 or One X? Does that make sense? Even if one still likes the Nexus, would the best advice not be to wait at this point?

My contention would be that ratings are determined in the market they are released in. The iPhone 5's camera or screen are compared to the best cameras/screens out there. The GNex is not re-reviewed in with the release of every new competitor.

My suggestion is to create a decaying algorithm that will decrease the review over time. I am thinking just the Hardware components, but maybe other components as well.

I call it Verge's Law, the hardware review of the device will decrease by half each year. The would give the GNex a current rating of ~8.1 rather than the 8.7. Still a respectable score, but one that reflects the device's oldish hardware.