HTC 8X Storage?

I am still seeing conflicting reports on the presence or lack of expandable storage on the 8X. Can anyone who's actually had some face time with the phone confirm once and for all whether the device has expandable storage? It seems short sighted to me to release a phone touted as a great music device without enough storage options to hold a typical music library.

While I will make my final decision after reading full reviews and actually holding the devices, I am leaning toward the Lumia 820 or the 8X vs. the Lumia 920 because I like the screen size better, and I don't particularly need the camera tech on the 920 and I'm not very motivated by screen resolution. Price point may eventually be the deciding factor for me, but possible expandable storage on the 8X, as a music lover, would make it more attractive to me than the wireless charging and exclusive apps available on the 820.

Thanks for your insight!