Please explain or defend this HORRIBLE Passbook App?

I've been running iOS 6 since beta 1, and never could figure out what the Passbook app does or how to use it. I gave it a pass while the app was in beta, but now that the GM has been released to public, I can no longer rationalize why Apple would release such a joke piece of crap app.

I guarantee you, the average iPhone user will have no clue what to make of this app. Basically, you launch it and get this splash screen:

You get sent to the app store, and have the chance to download several "Apps for Passbook." You then download one of these apps, expecting it to open up in Passbook like Newsstand downloads do, but instead you now have an extra app on your springboard. Confusingly, you then go back to the Passbook app and see the same old splash-screen that was there before. Nothing has changed.

So you open that newly downloaded app, and search for something "different" that would tie in to passbook. The problem is, there is no uniformity. The ONLY app I found anything active was the Target app. I enter in all kinds of personal information (email, name, etc), clicked "add to Passbook" and finally, I have a coupon in Passbook. Great, now what?

I have no clue what this coupon is supposed to do?

Ok, now I want to go download another app. But how? That splash-screen is gone. Do I go back to the App Store and type "passbook apps?" How in gods name will the average user like my dad know to do this?

This app is SO not Apple-like. It is convoluted and makes little to no sense. I have no doubt that the average person will push it off to the last screen or in a folder and forget about it.

Can anyone please defend this mess? Or at least explain to me what I am missing?