Stephen Elop to be fired before end of the year

A lot of analysts are starting to believe that this is Elop's last chance





First let me say:

  1. Blogger and customer reviews do nothing to keep a CEO around
  2. Revenue GROWTH is what helps a CEO help keep their job
  3. Shareholders are ultimately in charge of who stays on and who gets shown the door
Nokia has lost 50% of its stock value since Elop took over and thousands of employees have been laid off. Their revenue and profits have also fallen off a cliff since he took over. The only thing that he has managed to do well is release a line of phones that were well reviewed but not great sellers. So I can understand why analysts, the people who follow this for a living, believe that he is going to be out of a job by the end of the year.
I personally think Elop is a great speaker and inspiring but his strategy is really flawed. Apple is going to sell upwards of 50 million iPhones this quarter and Android will sell 90 million ( 1 million activation a day x 90 days in a quarter) so even if Nokia DOUBLES their Lumia sales they will still lose marketshare.

What Nokia needs to do is to do the Samsung and HTC strategy and start making WP and Android phones. It makes no sense to tie themselves to Microsoft when they have the smallest platform and they have been bleeding revenue and profits for over a year trying to follow Ballmer's dream for the future.