Dare I Say This?

so i ve pretty much made up my mind as to what phone i am getting come november. and that's off course the phat ass big balls yellow!

but after looking at HTC's new phones so many times, i cannot help but wonder whether some people out there are thinking the same thing about HTC's phones as i am thinking:

I ll dare to say it: here goes:

HTC's new phones are perhaps too brightly colored blurring the line between classy and ghetto, and the placement of a brightly colored speaker in the top center of the black front-- coupled with the matching back casing--perhaps blurs the line between a high end gadget and a fisher price toy from a Toys Are Us store....

sorry for the pro HTC folks but that's just how these phones are coming across, to me at least; the lumias are bright, but they're not thaaaaat bright. what do you guys think?