Innovation? Apple's iPhone 5 is the World's Fastest Smartphone

I'm usually not so much into CPU benchmarks as I am into real world performance. I prefer benchmarks that take software into account as well. PCMag just ran the iPhone 5 through benchmark after benchmark to test it from all sorts of perspectives and then compare it to its ancestors as well as its rivals.

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The result: iPhone 5 is hands-down the fastest smartphone on the market. They interestingly equate the speed of the Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 4S running iOS 6 on some of the benchmarks. This is very impressive all around considering the A6 processor (according to Anandtech) in the iPhone 5 is achieving this with 2 CPU cores @ 1Ghz, 3 GPU cores @ ~270Mhz.

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The Snapdragon S4 processor used in most premium Android phones and in the upcoming Lumia 920 typically have to run two to four cores at 1.5Ghz clock speed to achieve comparable CPU performance. But that is only part of the story.

The A6 in the iPhone 5 (again according to Anandtech) is achieving an incredible 70% of the peak memory bandwidth (compared to 40% for the A5). This incredible memory speed is likely contributing to so many of the Web benchmarks being through the roof.

Its funny how folks keep parroting that Apple just buys innovative components from others and pays other people to put them together and that they do not innovate at all. Folks try to say that Apple's displays are really Samsung's even though Apple clearly owns the IP and has shifted all production to LG, Japan Display and Sharp. Its funny how people say that Apple's CPU's are really Samsung's when really they have all been using ARM's off-the-shelf designs for years with Apple now showing their prowess at designing their own chips with the A6 and while Samsung has done nothing more than fabricate the chips. People constantly dispute Apple's ability to innovate despite the fact that they herald smartphones that would not even exist if not for the introduction of Apple's iPhone in 2007. Those same folks are going to find it very hard to refute the A6 processor as innovative. This thing is a downright awesome -- and it is a beast.