Ad Supported Windows Phone 8. Good idea or Bad?

I’m a huge fan of Windows Phone but in order for this to be viable for me in the long term, adoption has to increase. One of the things I’ve been wondering is why Microsoft isn’t going after the low end of the market more aggressively. As this wired article ( ) points out, much of the smartphone growth will come from the pre-paid segment as smartphones shift from luxury items to staples of everyday life.

Windows Phone (particularly Windows Phone 8) has a unique design that differentiates itself from Android and iOS. I think it could differentiate itself further by providing a low cost/free option by converting some of the start screen real estate to advertising.

Before you reject it out of hand, think about it. Would you give up one or two live tiles for a free phone and maybe even free air time? If you look at the design of Windows Phone, it’s perfectly made for this as opposed to Android or iOS.

Would it matter to you if you had two ads on your screen that were location aware and gave you what you wanted in exchange for a free phone and cheap plans?