Torchlight II - multiplayer on Polygon


Header courtesy of, yours truly, Cobaltios!

So, Torchlight 2 came out about a day ago, and I have noticed a few people on Steam already have the game. Not much though. However, a lot of you do want it. And this game apparently has some pretty nice multiplayer... except, well, I haven't actually had a chance to try it out :P. That said, I would very much like to join in with some of you, so I think I'll make this our primary TL2 get-together-topic.

Also, I'm thinking we should post class and level to showcase where we are, and to sort of update ourselves depending on how far we get... okay, I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure how this should work; I'm kind of just throwing general ideas of what this topic could be used for in conjunction with our "meet-up" style thingy... :s. I'm bad with words, okay.

So, with that said, get on, have fun, and lets have us some multiplayer action :D!