What are the chances of seeing connector etc. interface conventions adopted across the industry?

Lets face it one of the single biggest and most hardest to negate advantages the iPhone has over the competition is that it's a single phone with a dominant market share that keeps its design and proportions largely the same, meaning 3rd party accessories and other gadgets are most often made for it exclusively as there's simply no-point from the accessory manufacturers perspective to focus their efforts on a phone model\form that will be obsoleted within six month and its next version will likely have different proportions and design.

With phones USB is obviously not enough. Whilst most phone accessories are ditching dock connectors and switching to wireless there still remains a large amount accessories that make contact with the phone, latch on to it somehow. This may be a camera adapter or a telepresence platform etc. Their compatibility with the device of course depends on the connector and or the physical proportions of the device.

I think what the competition needs to realize is that they should band together on some aspects of their phone design, software and the respective connection interfaces that their devices use. Otherwise they will never knock the iPhone off its pedestal no matter how good they get as compatibility with the iPhone will be\is standardized across so many 3rd party devices and industries in general that it will always be the most convenient and compatible tool by default.

What I wish to see is a standardized connector used by all OEM's to counterbalance Apple's own, as well as some guidelines on a case feature that will act as a bracket, adapter to other 3rd party accessories and would permit them all to dock, slot into etc. Into any respective phone accessory. Otherwise they are kidding themselves if any one of them thinks they can get the required interest and backing behind any one of their phones so most of the accessory manufacturers would bother to alter/make accessories specifically for it.