I think Qualcomm is gonna take all SoC marketshare soon.

Ever since the S4 hit market, people have been blown away by the performance and battery life of the chipset..I was scared when Samsung announced that the Galaxy S 3 for USA was gonna get the S4 instead of Exynos Quad..I am so happy with my GS3 performance..I have not had any lags...I am amazed at what Qualcomm has done..They have redeemed themselves after their horrible S3 chips..I hated their chips before the S4..Of course Apple SOC is still the best overall but looking at the new benchmarks on the new iphone 5 against all other SOC..I am amazed how the S4 performs against it..they also show the S4 pro quad...WOW..

S4 beats Exynos Quad

S4 pro against Apples SOC

I think Qualcomm will eventually rule the market...they got 60% now...