Moar Russians! Massive 11 minute Lumia 920 demo video!

Those Nokia Russians are at it again. This time with a much more in-depth video comparison. Almost enough to call it a video review (if i understood Russian).

Anyone speak Russian out there? Translators? Some screenshots!





Here's what I can glean they covered:

  • screen quality vs. 820 and galaxy s3
  • touch screen vs. s3 AND vs. sony experia and iphone 4s
  • longer OIS demo with more closely synced s3 and 920 (920 is a second or two behind)
  • Massive camera comparison between the 920 the s3 the iphone 4s and two sony experias I believe
  • demo of wireless charging kits (including distance required to charge (looks like a few mm's) added bonus he calls the fatboy charging pad Babushka, awesome
  • sync with wireless JBL speakers
  • a look at the 820 and its detachable cover
  • quick demo of new start screen for win 8