Pen for Nokia Lumia 920?

Hello MS Tribe,

I love the specs of Lumia 920. A great camera in a smart phone is the number one feature for me. So much so that I want the OIS features of 920 and the million megapixels of 808 in a single mobile device. However, note taking ability in my mobile device (phone and tablet) is my number two feature. These last few days I have been praying to hear an announcement from Samsung to offer Samsung Note with Windows Phone 8 on it. Needless to say that I am excited about Windows Phone 8 (for multiple reasons).

Today, I was reading about Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 comparison. In there, the following sentence (paraphrased) got me excited: "supersensitive screen that you can operate with a glove, a nail or even a pen". Wow! a pen? Did Nokia miss a key feature by not packing a pen in a built in slot with Nokia Lumia 920?

What do you think?