All atom tabs will support Wi-di and "turbo boost"

OKay so the article below is from April but nonetheless it provides some insight into what we will see for Windows 8 Atom tabs. According to the article from Tom's Hardware Intel provided another list of specs an Atom tab needed to meet to get Intel backing so to speak. Just like the ultrabook craze. The dual core Intel Atom 2Z760 clover trail processor now operating at 1.8GHz will feature these

  • Performance burst mode - somewhat like turbo mode which gives more processing power when needed
  • hyperthreading - old Atom tabs had this too but still would like to say this is different than burst mode.
  • according to article "tablets will support Wireless display" which we all know what it is.
  • NFC which is a common occurrence in atom tabs that we see like Envy X2 or Asus Vivo tab
  • Wi-Fi direct - which i "binged" and found out that two devices can connect with no internet
  • Intel Insider - which enables you to stream 1080p content bought or rented and saves it from pirates
  • Compute Continuum - i have no idea what that is and can not find out what it is
  • and some business friendly features like domain join