Why must they make us use the stupid podcast app?

For the most part, I love iOS 6. Sure, the maps are pretty awful and the App Store crashes all too often on my iPod Touch 4G, but they did do a lot of stuff well, like Facebook integration and Do Not Disturb. Unfortunately, Apple has decided that the only way to listen to podcasts now is to use their god-awful Podcasts App. I realize that this is simply an angry nerd reaction to one hyper-specific detail, and some of you may even like the Podcasts App, but I just can't understand why they would do this.

What on earth is wrong with just using the music app? In my opinion, it is vastly superior. Little things annoy me, such as the podcast displaying the newest episodes of podcasts first, meaning that it won't play them in chronological order. Or the terrible tape-deck UI theme that Apple seems to be insisting on sticking with.


I get that Apple wants more people to download their app. But why do they insist on making the user experience worse? It's not like they don't know how to make good, functional software, but a general theme with iOS 6 is that they seem to be putting their own interests in front of the consumers (maps, anyone?).

Uniformity goes a long way in making a good experience. I cannot understand why Apple doesn't make a single app (like the 'iPod' app on the old iPhones) that consolidates music, videos and podcasts into a single, easy-to-use app experience.

Venting over.