MS & Mr Ballmer you are responsible if Nokia Dies a slow and Painful death.

Nokia has a killer phone in it's bag which trumps every other thing of it's kind out there. So much so that, even the king of Smartphone's, the iPhone 5 has to bend in front of it for it's sheer power.

Nokia has shown how good the camera is with PureView, OIS, Low light recording everything. It looks like iPhone and Galaxy S3 are no comparison for Lumia 920, in that department.

Nokia has shown how good it's display is. It beats iPhone's display very very comfortably in every aspect. Pixel density of 332 making text extremely sharp, super sensitive touch screen, CBD. Name it and you have the best in it.

Nokia has shown advanced way to do things by adopting Wireless charging, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi Fi Direct in it.

Nokia has the best services to offer. Outstanding Nokia Maps, Which make Apple map's look like a joke. Free Nokia Music, which makes app's Pandora, spotify, Zune Pass look useless.

Beautiful design & gorgeous body add's to the value of Lumia 920.

But the problem is, WP8!

Nokia is made to look desperate & is made to display comparison charts about every single amazing feature of it's, but the problem is, it cannot say this to a user: "Hey, try out this phone. It's gorgeous, best in it's class and I am sure you will love it!"

Apple is selling millions of iPhone's every passing day. By the time Nokia Lumia 920 gets released in Nov, I believe everyone who wanted to buy a new smartphone this year would have already made his purchase.

Didn't Microsoft predict this? How did they miss out on such a big deadline? I just cannot understand the significance of marketing muscle WP8 is going to get alongside W8?

No release date? No pricing information? Just show a demo of the product that too by useless presenters who cannot speak a line without stuttering in front of Camera. Nokia, What are you trying to prove by those comparison charts? Make people wait, by not buying iPhone 5? Is that some sort of a joke if you really mean it?

There is a very famous one liner that comes to my mind when I think of Nokia Lumia 920 Now:

Everybody loves it, but nobody would want it!

SAD BUT TRUE! [ Wish I could play that amazing song in the background! :) ]