Vergecraft Realms Official Updates & Announcements (Game Version 1.01, 9/22/12)


Vergecraft Realms is The Verge's own Minecraft server, and we'll be continually updating it and improving it over time with balance tweaks, new features, and additional content like dungeons and events. You can track the latest updates and game notes here, as they are made available.

Vergecraft Realms 1.01 - Game Balance Update: September 22, 2012

Please note that the following changes have been made to the game for balancing purposes:

  • Player-to-player teleports (/tpa and /tpaccept) have been reinstated. Justification: player-to-player teleports were removed to prevent powerful factions from teleporting in instantly to attack weaker groups; however, since teleports can also be used by defenders to call in allies, this is sufficiently balanced.
  • The global cooldown timer for all teleport commands (/home, /spawn, /f home, /tpa, /tpaccept) has been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. Justification: players use the /spawn command to trade in New Verge City. Other teleport commands are already balanced, as they cannot be used within enemy territory.
  • Individual player "power" (the total amount of territory that can be claimed by each player) has been increased from 64 to 200 chunks. (A "chunk" is a 16x16 block parcel of land that extends from bedrock to the sky). The cap for faction claims remains at 20,000 (factions stop gaining additional power beyond 100 members). Justification: original power amount was intended to be 200 -- this number was changed inadvertently.
  • Players who are defending within their own claimed territory receive partial damage protection. This protection has been reduced from 65% damage absorption to 30%. Justification: 65% damage protection gave an overwhelming and unfair advantage to defenders.
  • Players who destroy or place blocks in enemy territory receive damage for doing so. Previously, players received one "heart" of damage per block destroyed. This damage has been increased to two hearts per block. Justification: with regenerative potions and natural regeneration, it was possible for players to virtually destroy an unlimited number of blocks without serious consequences. The penalty has been increased to give defenders a slighter advantage and to make raids riskier.