Pleazzzz conceive why should go with iPhone 5

Hi there let me tell you that I am a big iPhone fan. I owned iPhone 3G and currently have iPhone4. I seriously loved them. But now I am quite confused whether I should go with Apple for my next phone, that is for iPhone 5. Am not a blind follower and do considerable search before buying any costly device and hence I did for my next phone. I realized that iPhone 5 was not at par with specs in comparison to the corresponding flagships in Android and Windows Phone. The most annoying thing I felt is that iPhone 5 don't support NFC. I agree that NFC is not in the main stream, but I believe that it is worth to have especially when the dumb phones like those run on Symbian have them at least for an year. What is good in iPhone 5 is that it now supports LTE. But of course that is not THE hot stuff. Androids have them for an year. Also the longer screen is fine though its quite awkward in smartphone category. However the screen is not the best as touted by Cook: Lumia's screen proved most sensitive: Sensitive screen will be a big deal for me especially in icy season. Also I learnt that Lumia 920 have image stabilization for video built in, backed by so called PureView 2 technology which is quite impressive for low light captures: . I was thinking of Apps market of Windows Phone which is small in comparison to Apple App Store. But it still has 1L+ apps and I found that most of the important apps are there. Especially I loved Lenses and City Lenses app by Nokia. I don't believe that specs comparison lie and that other smartphone makers are not that worse than Apple. Especially in feature phone era I used Nokia phones and they were dead hard to break. I am thinking to go with specs. Why should I still go with iPhone 5. Please help.