iPhone 5 Ads lack spark and the images are overly simulated

Take a look at these ads reposted by 9to5mac.

A few things:

  1. The images are simulated to an upsetting degree. The one entitled "cheese" has screen images that are totally out of sync with the hand gestures and scene that they are supposedly shooting.
  2. Like other recent ads these ones lack flavor and their attempt at comedy fall flat.
  3. Why are they pushing features that will certainly not be received well by everyone: i.e. the earpods. There is no way that they will fit everyone.
  4. RE: the physics ad. I appreciated more the iPad commercial when it claimed "technology is not enough". "When technology gets out of the way everything becomes more delightful even magical." see iPad 2 ad
  5. Ads that feature a celebrity are a distraction.

Attention to detail and taste. Apple please find it.