Transition to WP8 for a frequent traveler

With rumors of the Lumia 920 and HTC WP8X coming to Verizon this fall, I've been seriously thinking of leaving the Android ecosystem for WP8. However, I travel frequently for business, and my phone (and the Android ecosystem) is a critical tool in my planning. Between Google Calendar, Maps, TripIt, etc, I can easily manage multiple trips and still keep myself entertained (Yelp, Google Reviews) in between business.

I was hoping to get some feedback from any frequent travelers who currently use a WP7 phone as their daily driver. I'm assuming most people in this category are currently using a Lumia phone, but any Samsung or HTC owners feel free to chime in too!

My biggest concern was travel, navigation, and mapping software. With Android, I can easily search for new places and create my own maps and starred points on my PC using Google Maps, and the results instantly show on my own phone and/or my Android tablet. I've used Google Maps all over the country and have rarely been steered wrong. Considering that this is free and so well supported, I'd find it hard to abandon for another mapping program. I know Nokia uses Nokia Maps and they are well regarded, but does anyone have any feedback on Bing Maps?

All the airlines I currently fly have Android apps, where I can display mobile boarding passes, get up to date flight info, etc. Is this the same for WP? Sometimes a quick update on an airline app has saved me from missing changed gates, new delays (curse you American!), or other pertinent information that I would otherwise have to find on a monitor.

There's also the fact that I can swap batteries on my current phone, so when my charge is getting low, I can simply put in a new one, as opposed to hanging out at the charging station, which can get awkward when crowded. I would seriously miss that with a Lumia or those new HTC WP8 phones. I'd probably end up having to lug one of those big portable charging batteries with me.

I'd really like feedback from people who have actually used their Windows Phone on a frequent basis for travel. I'm not looking for hypotheticals. People who have experienced things like crappy signals at the terminal, weird behavior after turning on/off airplane mode, phone crapping out in the middle of a road trip, etc. I'm going to assume that things can only get better with WP8, so if people have had positive experiences with WP7, I'd be really encouraged to give it a try!