iOS 7 - My Dream Feature!

As you know fellow geeks that their is a lot of mobile war happening out their, it's almost a religion for some people. Other people are called iSheep just based on what mobile os they are using, well I find this non human like to treat each other like that just because of a mobile os and the kind of phone they're are using. Now you are asking what is this dream feature in iOS 7 that you would love to have? The answer is simple, BootCamp, some people will notice this name some won't.

For those that do not know bootcamp it Apple utility is OS X that makes you run two kinds of operating systems, OS X and Windows. Now just imagine if this came to the Mobile operating System especially iOS, because Apple is specialized in this. Imagine booting up your iPhone and having the option to boot Windows Phone 8 or Android. This could happen but it's going to be hard to get the licences from each company.

Now will this ever happen? The answer is maybe no and maybe yes, if Apple comes out with it first, imagine how much money Apple will make. They will have the hardware and all three amazing mobile operating systems.