Cluster TV possible?

Guys help me out, I want a BIG screen TV.

But anything beyond 55" costs above $2,500. Whereas 32" and 40" screens have gotten much cheaper ($250-500) in recent times.

So I was thinking, if I bought FOUR TVs that were decent quality, slim bezel and 32in it would only cost upto $1,500.
And if I stacked them into a grid (4x4), they would become a 16:9 screen that's 64in size!

The problem is that each display would need to show a different image, a different quarter of the content. I know this can be done on Windows, but I need it to work for TV, Movies, and consoles. And I need it to do it from a (1080p) HDMI video feed (not RCA).

Basically, I need a universal application. And it basically needs to be a kit/box that takes one HDMI source in, breaks it up into FOUR quarters, and allows you to deliver each quarter from a dedicated HDMI port.

That way I can enjoy watching BluRay on a 64in screen, or play FPS shooter games (aka BoZ) with four friends comfortably. And wont have to fiddle with multiple consoles and LAN or graphics cards and a new desktop pc.

Does a piece of kit like that exist?

How much?

Is this a viable alternative?

Thank you for all input, especially hdmi input

(And I hope this post inspires some of you)