Why are HTC and Nokia fans fighting? Let's stop.

First off, I will admit I am guilty of Nokia bias, and as such have partaken in some HTC flame-trains.

The thing I am confused about, is that this is suppose to be a Microsoft forum, not a phone manufacturer forum. Shouldn't our primary concern be with the market share of Windows 8/Phone 8 and the growth of Microsoft? I understand that specifics of each companies phone will lean each of us in a particular direction, but isn't the point to get as many Windows 8 phones out to the public as possible? And isn't having a wide variety of devices the best way to do this?

Apple is established. They made their mark with the iPod. Android did what they had to do, and it worked. They pushed their software to the masses on a plethora of different devices. And now it's time for Microsoft to do the same.

Software quality over brand loyalty.


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But seriously, there are going to be more and more W8 devices all the time. Bickering over objective stances is a waste of everyone's time.