iPhone 5!

Hey guys! Hope all is well. I just wanted to talk about the new iPhone with you all. I wanted to tell you guys my story and what I we t through to get it. Last week I had gone into radio shack and did a pre order. They told me I would have the phone on the day of launch for me. Long story short I call on Friday they tell me no its not in it will be here on Saturday. So today I call and of course it isn't there. So the. they tell me it's looking like the phone will come sometime in oct. I told them I wanted to cancel the order because another store was holding one for me. they Insisted I couldn't can ep the order and that it was locked in until that phone came. which was bullshit according to verizon. They weren't going to give me my down payment back either. They still think I'm waiting for them. Little did they know I went to a other radio shack, used the gift card that they put the row payment on that they said I couldn't and got the phone. This brings up a serious issue though. These guys flat out lied to me multiple times. Even at the store that ended up holding the phone for me they wouldn't sell me unless I got "apple care" so they made me spend $100 bucks just to walk out with the phone. I thought they were selling me actual apple care along with the phone. They sold me some bullshit radio shack thing. Of course it's my own fault though. I should have gone directly through apple.

Now onto the phone! Wow. I am blown away by this device. Pictures serve it no justice. It's crafted so beautifully. It's so thin, just the right weight, the new display looks fantastic! Richer colors. The overall feel is perfect. Battery life is so good. I've used a plethora of different devices and I have never experienced one like this one. I loved my 4S but this brings the iPhone to another level. Verizon LTE is faster than my cabel modem. So the cell speed plus the device speed makes this phone scream. I love how it feels. They made the right choice with this size. It feels just as comfortable as all my previous iPhones. In fact even more. Speaker quality is great, call quality great. I'm really blown away by what apple did here. Sure a revamped IOS would be welcome but all in all I think apple will do it when it's right. I've used other LTE phones before and they all been fast. But I haven't used. anything this fast. Now the only thing I need to find is a good way to clean the screen. My microfiber cloths don't seem to be doing that great of a job. I've also noticed it charges really fast both plugged into my Mac and the wall is even faster. Love this device. I commend apple. If you are thinking of getting one let me tell ya.you will not be dissopinted. Get your hands on one of these! For everyone who got one I'd love to hear how you are liking it. Or if you have a crazy story a out the day of getting it!