Why HTC's Mid Range Windows Phone Feels 8S

I'm up for an upgrade coming now this November, and I really want to get one of the Lumias or the 8X. To whet my appetite, I carouse through the spec sheets of all the new Windows Phone 8 devices, but the 8S caught my eye.

"Single core! Why the hell would HTC do that?!" I thought. Then I got to thinking, "This could be good news for current Windows Phone users."

If WP8 could run on single core CPUs, there is a glimmering hope that current phones could actually get the 8.0 update. Nope!

I headed on over to HTC's site just to make sure the facts were correct. As I suspected, HTC was not stupid after all. It is indeed a dual core S4, clocked at 1GHz.

The Verge crew, you guys need to update your info. It's probably not your fault though. With a name like "8S" that resembles the frustrated puzzled face emoticon, it probably put a spell on you.