Earlier this month we reported on a new piece of Windows Phone 8 that has yet to be detailed by Microsoft: Rooms. The feature will allow users to create interactive groups with friends, family, or coworkers and let them chat, share notes, build a communal calendar, and post photos for others in the room to see. Now we've got some visual evidence that confirms Microsoft is indeed working to include Rooms in the public release of Windows Phone 8 later this fall. The resourceful minds over at WinUnleaked have dug into the Windows Phone 8 SDK and produced screenshots of the feature in action.

As we'd heard, Microsoft will start users off with a default "Family Room" group — complete with a chalkboard family portrait as the backdrop — and thankfully creating additional Rooms seems relatively straightforward. Once you've invited members in, the available options seem to line up with what we've described previously. Still, there are plenty of specifics we don't know about Rooms, though we imagine Microsoft will have much more to share in the coming weeks.