Concerns about screen resolution on W8 tablets

In my job, studies and life in general I need to read a lot of digitally distributed papers. During my time with my 10.1" Android tablet I have been very disappointed with the ability to read PDF files on the device.

I figure the ability to properly read PDF files (reading the full pages in horizontal mode) is dependent on 2 factors: Screen size (and in that to some extent, form factor) and screen resolution.

I did a little research and came up with the following pixel densities:

  • Home computer screen (full HD, 24"), 92 ppi
  • iPad 3, 264 ppi
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9", 254 ppi
  • Notion Ink Adam (my tablet), 118 ppi
  • HD ready laptop (13.3"), 112 ppi

All the screens above except iPad uses the 16:9 or similar formats, while the international ISO A4 paper standard uses the format 4:2.83. This means most tablets do not utilize the whole screen area, meaning a reduction in paper size on the screen.

All W8 tablets that are meant to be handheld use the same few screen setups, which are:

  • 11.6", full HD (Surface Pro), 190 ppi
  • 10.1", full HD (what we alle want), 218 ppi
  • 10.1", 1366x768 (most tablets so far), 155 ppi

So my concern is, will the screens of W8 tabltes be good enough to read full page PDF's on?

What do you guys think? Again my experience is not huge, so could use some input before November.

- Greg