The iPhone review: some oversights.

First of all, i use a galaxy S 3 before anyone yells isheep. I also do not use a macbook, or an iPad. Zero apple products in my house. But i did have an iPhone 4 a while ago so i know where Josh has looked over sometimes.

The fact is, i feel some of this complaints are there because he is evaluating iOS from the android viewpoint. Much of it seems more subjective than objective. Now, i agree with the 73 degrees and sunny being annoying or some locked ness should go away like apps should have a common area to play together, but some things he blamed without even giving a thought:

You cannot post a photo to tumblr.

iOS6 mobile safari can. How could he overlook this?

My IM keeps getting shut down notifications, and it doesn't run in the background.

I have used ebuddy for ages on an iPhone 4 when i had it (i will take this time to state that i love gtalk on my GS3 though, one thing google made that rocks but people rarely use it sadly). To be honest, i only logged in the first time i installed the app. Over months of use, i would always get messages the second they were sent. 90% of the time i wasn't even in the app. Some times i would be at work and after 5 hours i could still open the app and see the messages waiting for me there. Not to mention, the app icon and the notification area were buzzing with that info too.

Same with facebook. It would routinely push notifications of whatever new was happening to the phone. Similar to what i get on android.

Why did he intentionally overlook push notifications? I would love those in android for more apps. It is a decent way to implement real time background tasks, shame though some developers have no clue. But it is a nice way to receive information about stuff you aren't looking at right now.

I am not saying iOS should not change. Clearly some things do need to change. Multi tasking should be available through a gesture, and we should be able to see a better view of what is running. And there are other stuff. But the way Josh put it, it seems as if he is longing to install Jellybean on the iPhone. Most of the suggestions he makes translate to: "this is how android does it, and this is how iOS should do it too". Does improvement or change mean a carbon copy of android? Look at WP8, no reveal aside, their take on a mobile OS is different but does seem like a possible improvement over the current regime. To be honest, allow iOS apps to talk to each other and then both iOS and android seem pretty similar to me sans the UI. Boring. Yes i am also bored of my android phone. It is (gasp!) possible.

May be objective reviews are a thing of the past.