Who the heck is using Google+

I was using google+ for about 2 months and its not really a bad social network. It has some pretty good content on google+ like photography and.......thats it. The majority of it is post about why apple sucks", why facebook sucks, why you should be using google plus, why google+ doesnt suck, why android is better, posts about bacon, Mike Elgan every 10 minutes (terrible writer), and why apple sucks.

I really gave it chance but it just didnt work out. I can get my content from news, sports, comedy, God_Damn Batman from twitter. I use Facebook sometimes but not as much as i used to. Google+ is a very niche crowd filled with great photographers but is overshadowed with google employees, apple hater, annoying android enthusiast, Geeks, and Apple haters. I keep hearing its alot of interesting people on there but im not seeing it. Also when i make these complaints about the contents and how sometimes it can be confusing i hear people say "your not using it right" well maybe google didnt build it right.

What also drives me crazy is how google fudge the usage numbers and how they shove it down our throats. I was making a couple of gmail account for some people at work and i was just bombard with click on this to create google plus account. The other day i had to log into my youtube account and it was asking me if i wanted to use my real name, do i want to incorporate google plus into it and when i said no it was asking me why and how come and give us a reason why.....SERIOUSLY. Does google count G+ users by logging into youtube, google, picaso, google places, google maps, docs, calendar, and gmail?

This girl i know asked me about google plus and i told her to try out to see if you like it...she didn't. When she signed onto her iPhone with the g+ app and didnt see the "automatically upload pics option" you see it when you 1st sign on. She didnt uncheck it and all of her recent taken photos were uploaded to g+ and she was happy about that...at all. And she couldnt get her friends to use it, she wasnt interested in any of the people on it and she just found it to be lame. and went back to using twitter and facebook. And i cant blame her because i can't get no one...and I mean NO ONE to use G+.

When i make these complaints i also hear people say its not a social network, its a social layer of google services. Im sorry but thats not how google sold it and when they first appeared it was clear as day they were trying to compete with twitter and facebook. I dont hate google at all I love because i love google search, google maps and youtube but google wants to do everything. So the moral of this story is im done with google+, its not a bad site im just not happy with the kind of people thats on it and I dont see that changing any time soon. So my questions is what do y'all think about G+ do you love, do you hate it or is google shoving it down our throats

This also helps explains what im talking about