It's a Apple & Samsung game and the rest are just watching.

Theres been alot of bickering back and forth about who has the best phone...iPhone or Galaxy S III. I see it everywhere, on the news, on the internet & in commercials. It's mostly Samsung doing it with "Galaxy has this feature and iPhone don't, we had this feature for years and apple jut now getting it". But that besides the point because you know why we are having this Samsung vs apple non-sense, Its not because of the Samsung vs Apple trial, its not because people think samsung is better then apple or vice versa, it because Apple & Samsung are the only ones doing well in the smartphone game. Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Sony, & Motorola are not doing well. Motorola put out a ad about apple maps and google maps. it showed how google maps is more accurate then motorola but all that is irrelevlant because no one cares about motorola devices anymore and there quatererly earnings proves it. I believe Nokia is on the right track with there new Lumia devices but the problem is we we dont know any release dates, what carriers, or Price. They didnt even really show a good demo of the phone. Nokia is making some awesome looking devices but the problem is that nobody really cares right now. Samsung won by name recognition and so has Apple. Mindshare is everything and making people knowing that they feel safe buying there products. Thats why i buy apple products because in mind its a safe choice and i know it will integrate well with the rest of my apple products. It doesnt really matter if android has million of activations a day or how much marketshare android because Samsung is the only one that matters in android and the rest of the android oem's are struggling. It's a Apple & Samsung game and its gonna be like that for a while.